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thank you JohnnyUtah!

2011-01-27 22:59:18 by joe-vath

now i can put my wacom tablet to good use.
thanks JohnnyUtah for the tutorials of cs3!
please work on a lip syncing tutorial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2011-01-21 16:00:10 by joe-vath

collage is a pain. it takes up all my time. I'm taking a flash class next semester so i can get this show on the road.

first comic. take a look. tell me what you guys think.

2010-12-20 13:04:30 by joe-vath

haha i love this first comic i made.
hope u guy enjoy! :D

first comic. take a look. tell me what you guys think.

first comic!

2010-12-20 01:14:03 by joe-vath

took like 10 mins haha

first comic!


2010-12-20 00:04:30 by joe-vath

Im doing some comics for now. ill have some in 2 days. let me know what u guys want to see.

How can u hate south park. Your not a true american if you hate it. Its like hating the bible

ill troll whoever hates south park!


2010-11-14 23:56:38 by joe-vath

Well its going to be awhile before i get this thing running. Sorry. Between collage and my job i barley have enough time for my self. You will just have to settle for some new pictures hear and there.

again I'm sorry
love joe-vath


2010-09-16 00:01:44 by joe-vath

sorry for the delay but my computer crashed and i lost every thing.
i am working on the 1st episode.

posted some characters.

2010-08-31 21:37:20 by joe-vath

hey guys alright scratch the last post.
so i have my drawing pad and am loving it. i am now working on the show as we speak
the name of the show is "king me". if any one is still interested in doing the contest let me know asap!

posted some characters.


2010-08-29 00:49:59 by joe-vath

OK so the contest is simple. All i need u guys to do is basically make a character. The contest won't start till after i put out the character page witch i should have done in like 2 weeks.
1) creative is the key
2) give me a ruff sketch of the character. It doesn't have to be drawn it can be done on pant.
3) describe the voice, personality, and behaver of the character.
the winers character will be put in the first episode.

To get a good idea of the show id wait till i post the character page.