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first comic. take a look. tell me what you guys think.

2010-12-20 13:04:30 by joe-vath

haha i love this first comic i made.
hope u guy enjoy! :D

first comic. take a look. tell me what you guys think.


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2010-12-20 13:21:44

It would be good if it was babby's first comic.


2010-12-20 13:22:24

...but you seemed to swear just because. Like you just discovered that you can swear on the internet.


2010-12-20 13:31:31

meh.... pretty crappy....
art is lacking...
there isn't a joke or a punchline...
just bad over all...

joe-vath responds:

hay jack ass!
1. i drew it in like 3 mins.
2. its not meant to have a punchline


2010-12-20 14:26:44

Drawing something in less than five minutes is a stupid excuse. If you don't want people complaining about something you make, you should try making something that doesn't suck.

joe-vath responds:

your right sorry.
check out the next comic
I shouldn't of spazzed out like a 4 year old
thanx for the advice. I need to learn from my mistakes.
I promise the next one will be better


2010-12-25 00:19:11

Merry Christmas!